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Jambee Jouvert - Male Package

$46.00 USD

Supplier: Jambee Jouvert

Event: Trinidad Jouvert 2018

Jambee Jouvert


The band will be participating in the 2018 J'ouvert celebrations and we would like to invite you the masqueraders to a fun and safe all-inclusive band.

The cost of the package is for (1) individual $300 and a package offer for couples at $500 for (2) packages.                                   

- all-inclusive

- a T-shirt,

- cup


-hand band

-breakfast ( bake and saltfish * corn soup .

- Drinks etc ( Black Label, White Oak, Johnny Walker Red,  Vodka, coke cola, club soda, Ginger ale, orange juice .

- music truck

- drinks truck

-pee pee truck

The band will have security with rope all around .

We will be starting at # 42 WARREN ST and O' Conner St Woodbrook at 3:00 am and will return at 7:00 am to have breakfast

Thank you for choosing Jambee Jouvert Band .

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Male Package

$46.00 USD

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:$49.53 USD

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