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MAD Bull Fever - Female Packages

$110.00 USD

Supplier: Mad Jouvert

Event: Trinidad Jouvert 2018

J'Ouvert gone MAD!

MAD (Must Add Duttiness) J’Ouvert was born in Carnival 2017. Our first year success was a direct result to answering the need that is out there. We brought good ole fashioned J’Ouvert back to the streets while providing novel experiences, premium services and militant security. 

2018 is here and come Carnival MAD Monday Morning, we opening the gates and charging through the streets, with our 2018 portrayal of MAD Bull Fever!

Express yourself with limitless, Mud, Paint, Cocoa, Powder…whatever you want you get, but just get dutty!!! 

If you are a fun loving masquerader that wants an authentic J’Ouvert experience from beginning to end, we invite you to join this MAD Family and get MAD with us!!!


MAD J'Ouvert 2018 Packages - US$110 Bull horns, Bandana, Nose Ring, T-Shirt and goodies


- Bullseye Target Age Group - 26 YRS & OVER

- 2 x Premium All-Inclusive Bars, 

- Pre-Party & After Party in Secured Private Venue

- Local Breakfast Inclusive

- Secured Parking

- Socadrome Stage 

- Paint, Cocoa, MUD, Powder, and more...

- MAD Wee Wee Truck 

- The most experienced Security Service, over 170 personnel.

- 4 international recognized DJ's, 2 Music trucks 

- Website:

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Female Packages

$110.00 USD

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:$118.45 USD

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