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Marquis - Midline

$455.00 USD

Supplier: VĂ¯da for Xctasy - Spice Mas 2019

Event: Grenada 2019

Midline Bodywear includes - Bejeweled wire bra, faux monokini, bejeweled Tiara & bejeweled hand pieces.

Frontline Bodywear includes - Bejeweled wire bra, bejeweled faux monokini, bejeweled tiara, bracelets, bejeweled hand pieces & Marquis Mondaywear by designer J. Angelique.

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$455.00 USD

Bra Size - 32A:

$0.00 USD

Panty Size - XS:

$0.00 USD

Collar - None:

$0.00 USD

Footpiece - None:

$0.00 USD

Processing Fee

$32.67 USD


$0.00 USD

Total Price

:$487.67 USD
A downpayment of $228.00 is required. Remainder is payable on collection.

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