Le Masquerade - Male T-Shirts

$260.00 USD

Supplier: Trini Jungle Juice Jamaica 2016

Event: Jamaica 2016

Band:                   Bacchanal Jamaica - Legacy

Section:               Trini Jungle Juice - Le Masquerade

Sponsor:             Pure Country

Carnival:             Bacchanal Jamaica April 2016


We only have the following sizes remaining for Spider Bikinis:





This is a frontline only all-inclusive section


Female costumes include Costume, Large Collar and Leg Pieces.

 The Wire-bra option is available in cup sizes A to D. All larger sizes will be decorated bikini bras.

 The bikini bottoms are available in regular or spider bikini


Male costumes come with a T-Shirt and shorts. The full balance for the Male costumes are due on signup.


Final payments MUST be made online by March 21st. You are not charged extra for completing your payments online.

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Male T-Shirts

$260.00 USD

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